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At the heart of our approach is the belief that delivering professional, impartial advice will add real value to your business. At Central Investment, our client retention is amongst the best in the industry. This has not happened by chance, it is a reflection of our professional approach and the close working relationships that we have developed with our corporate clients over the years.

From group pensions to flexible benefits and trustee services, we deliver a wide range of corporate financial planning services that are always advice led, not product driven. This ensures that you receive a service which is tailored to your business needs.
Our Services
Corporate client services include but are not limited to:
Employee Benefits
At Central Investment, our objective is to help you achieve the optimum balance of protection and performance for your business, which encompasses employee benefits and maximising reward with risk management and insurance solutions. A continually changing legislative framework demands your benefits package is effective and attractive, with predictable, competitive and controlled costs. Death in Service, Income Replacement, Critical Illness, Medical Insurance and Health Cash Plans are just some of the areas from which a tailored and competitive rewards strategy can be implemented. 

Group Pensions
Central Investment's specialist Employee Benefits consultants can advise on new group pension implementation as well as reviewing any existing pension arrangements. We can provide advice on Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS) or Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) for directors and Group Personal Pensions (GPP) or Occupational Pension Schemes for staff. Whatever your pension needs, Central Investment can work with you to develop a solution.

Communication Strategies
Unless employees are aware of the benefits which you are providing they cannot understand or value these. This is a lost opportunity to obtain appreciation for your benefits spend and therefore it is essential that you communicate your benefits and rewards package effectively and in a manner relevant to how employees access information. Central Investment can assist in identifying and implementing a communication strategy that integrates seamlessly with your business processes and which delivers maximum impact for your benefits package investment. 

Flexible Benefits
Providing a competitive and attractive benefits package for your employees can be a challenge, particularly with costs being an increasingly important focus. A Flexible Benefits Package provides the opportunity to offer a range of benefits from which an employee can choose those that are most relevant to their own particular circumstances and objectives. This helps maximise the employees’ awareness and appreciation of your benefits spend, whilst ensuring that this spend is in areas where employee needs are greatest.

Business Protection
The loss through death or serious illness of a business’ principal, leading sales person, project manager, designer or other such key person can have a huge financial impact on a business. Therefore Central Investment can assist in quantifying this potential loss and in identifying the solutions available to ensure that the business can continue with minimal disruption. We can also assist in structuring shareholder protection strategies that put fair and equitable arrangements in place to safeguard your company's shares from the perspective of the company, shareholders and beneficiaries.

Automatic Enrolment
We can help with every step of Automatic Enrolment to offer a full solution, including payroll innovations and regulatory communications to all employees. We assist employers, including those with existing schemes, prepare a project management plan of key task milestones, with our experienced financial advisors offering expert guidance to support data management and record keeping before a client’s staging date and also on an ongoing basis thereafter, to ensure that all aspects of The Pensions Regulator’s governance requirements are met.

Our Process
Central Investment is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Central Investment services and products are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
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Commercial Clients
Case studies

The company has four working directors who are equal shareholders. Having grown the company significantly in recent years they now believe that the company is worth around £2m based on discussions with their accountant.


The shareholders were keen to ensure that should one of them die the remaining shareholders would be able to acquire those shares and retain ownership of the company without these shares falling into the hands of an unwanted third party. In addition, they were also personally keen to ensure that their own dependents were able to obtain value for the shares should something happen to them without prolonged delays.
Central Investment Services (Scotland) Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in Scotland No SCO54118. Registered Address: 33 Albyn Place, Aberdeen AB10 1YL

We are entered on the Financial Conduct Authority Register No 114793 at  The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice and some aspects of employee benefits.

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