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Headquartered in Aberdeen, Central Investment is one of Scotland's leading firms of Independent Financial Advisers (IFA).
Our long standing success is built on forging strong relationships, by providing professional, unbiased advice and investment management services to both private clients and businesses.
With a clear lineage of experience and expertise, Central Investment’s financial advisers provide sound advice on a comprehensive range of financial services.
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We provide an extensive range of financial services including retirement and pension planning, investment planning, inheritance tax planning, long term care, house purchase funding and remortgages, employee benefits, group pensions and automatic enrolment.


The Central Investment approach is client centred, not product driven, which puts your current objectives, financial goals and future aspirations at the heart of the process.
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At the heart of our approach is the belief that delivering professional, impartial advice will add real value to your business. At Central Investment, our client retention is amongst the best in the industry.
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Who We Are
Trusted, impartial financial advisers to businesses and individuals for more than 40 years
Founded in 1973, Central Investment underwent a Management Buy Out in 2008, with the firm now headed up by a Board of four Directors who each have more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Located in the west end of Aberdeen, Central Investment has a large team of experienced advisers, who offer tailored financial planning advice to both private and corporate clients throughout Scotland and beyond.

With unrivalled expertise across the whole financial services market, the team at Central Investment take pride in delivering consistently high standards of service, with a longstanding client base that lays testament to this.  Professionalism, attention to detail, an extremely high level of expert advice and a comprehensive monitoring service means that client interests are well served and protected.

We have a complaints procedure that is available on request. For more information please visit our terms and conditions page. 
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Founded in Aberdeen

Each Director’s minimum years of experience 
in the financial industry

Board of Directors and Non-Executive Director

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The Team
With unrivalled expertise across the whole financial services market, the team at Central Investment take pride in delivering consistently high standards of service, with a longstanding client base that lays testament to this. Professionalism, attention to detail, an extremely high level of expert advice and a comprehensive monitoring service mean that client interests are well served and protected.
Latest News
  • A third of Generation Xers are not saving enough for retirement
    A new report* by the International Longevity Centre and Standard Life indicates that only 7% of Gen Xers are saving enough for even a moderate lifestyle in their retirement, which they define as providing ‘some level of freedom and resilience to shocks’.
  • Back to basics: what is financial planning?

    A ‘foolproof’, get-rich-quick scheme, offering eye-watering returns, can appear tempting, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. 

    But beware. These short-term gains are unlikely to pay off in the long term. The best way to achieve your financial goals is a disciplined approach.

  • Markets in a Minute

    Most major stock markets fell last week after the US Federal Reserve indicated it would increase interest rates sooner than expected.



  • Markets in a Minute - 11 May 2021
    Equities were mixed last week as strong earnings results competed with a renewed rotation out of growth stocks. The shift to higher-yielding value stocks weighed on the technology-heavy Nasdaq, which slid 1.5% in its worst weekly performance in two months. The S&P 500 and the Dow rose by 1.2% and 2.7%, respectively, after a rally on Friday helped to erase losses from earlier in the week.
  • Markets in a Minute - 5 May 2021
    Stock markets were mixed last week as investors weighed largely positive first-quarter earnings reports against the Federal Reserve’s latest policy meeting.
  • Markets in a Minute - 27 April 2021
    Most major stock markets declined last week on fears that rising Covid-19 infections could hinder economic recovery.
  • Is a buy-to-let still an attractive investment?

    ‘My property is my pension’ is often an answer you hear people give to whether they have a pension plan.

  • Markets in a Minute - 21 April 2021
    Most major stock markets rose last week as the start of the US earnings season helped to offset concerns about a resurgence in Covid-19 infections.
  • Markets in a Minute - 13 April 2021
    Numerous share markets hit all-time highs last week, with the S&P500 bursting further past the 4,000 mark, finishing the week comfortably in record territory at 4,129.  European markets also performed strongly, as investors bet on continental economies reopening later this year despite problems with the vaccination programme. The European Stoxx600 hit a record high of 437.23 on Friday.
  • Markets in a Minute - 7 April 2021
    Most major stock markets rose last week after the release of Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan boosted hopes for faster economic growth.
  • Markets in a Minute - 30 March 2021
    Global equities were mixed last week after renewed lockdown restrictions in Europe dented hopes of a broad economic reopening.
  • Let’s call time on the gender pension gap

    You might have heard of the gender pay gap, but unfortunately financial inequality doesn’t stop at women’s salaries. It affects their pensions too.

  • Markets in a Minute - 23 March 2021
    Most major stock markets fell last week as yields on US Treasuries surged to their highest level in more than a year.
  • Markets in a Minute - 16 March 2021
    Global equities performed strongly last week, as bond yields retreated and investors turned their attention to encouraging economic data.
  • Markets in a Minute - 9 March 2021
    Global equities ended last week on a mixed note, with hopes of an economic recovery lifting some markets and fears about inflation weighing on others.
  • The Budget 2021
    In the budget, chancellor Rishi Sunak used the government’s “fiscal firepower” to further support businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic, while laying the groundwork for future tax rises to repair the country’s finances.
  • Markets in a Minute - 23 February 2021
    Global stock markets gave a mixed performance last week, as encouraging quarterly earnings and vaccine optimism were offset by concerns about rising inflation.
  • Why it’s important to prepare emotionally for retirement

    Imagine investing 40 years of hard work into your career and to finish it with a celebration that involves a bottle of champagne and a Zoom call with your colleagues.


    The reality is that retiring in the midst of the coronavirus crisis was one of last year’s biggest trends. For some people the timing has been coincidental, for others, the lockdown has encouraged them to bring their retirement plans forward.

  • Markets in a Minute - 16 February 2021
    After a volatile few days, global equities reached record highs last week as the vaccine roll out gathered pace and data revealed a decline in coronavirus cases.
  • Markets in a Minute - 9 February 2021
    Global equities rebounded last week as the short squeeze began to unwind and investors turned their attention to more positive vaccine and economic news.
  • Markets in a Minute - 2 February 2021
    Global equities posted sharp declines last week, as heightened volatility added to fears about the efficacy of the vaccine roll out.
  • Markets in a Minute - 26 January 2021
    Global equities performed relatively strongly last week, as fresh hopes of US stimulus outweighed concerns about extended lockdowns in Europe.
  • Markets in a Minute - 19 January 2021
    Most global markets fell back slightly over the past week, retreating from record highs set in the first trading week of the year. The falls came after a strong run for global markets that has, unsurprisingly, led to some profit taking. Also weighing on markets has been some disappointing economic data caused by new or expanded lockdowns.
  • Markets in a Minute - 12 January 2021
    Most global markets have risen strongly over the past week, as the accelerating rollout of vaccines, and hopes of a big new stimulus package in the US, have boosted optimism.
  • Markets in a Minute - 5 January 2021
    Many global markets have fallen over the past week, thanks largely to a sell-off on Monday – the first trading day of the year. While many markets finished 2020 at all-time highs, uncertainty around the new Covid-19 variant, surging case numbers, and new lockdowns have dented optimism. Hopes are now pinned on the mass vaccination programmes underway around the world.
  • Markets in a Minute - 8 December 2020
    The rally in global equities continued over the past week, with most markets in Asia, the UK and US making steady gains. Europe was mixed, as the strengthening euro weighed on some eurozone markets. Bond yields rose, consistent with an increased appetite for risk, while the US dollar continued to weaken.
  • TV Advertising
    We are pleased to announce that, for the first time in the firm’s history, we have partnered with STV to produce a television advert which will be shown for the first time tomorrow and run for an initial period of three months.

    The advert focuses on the long-term relationships we have formed with our clients and the many life changing events we have experienced together.  We are proud of the advert and hope that not only does its message ring true with our existing clients but it also highlights the benefits of working with Central Investments to those seeking a financial adviser.
  • Markets in a Minute - 27 October 2020
    Global equity markets have mostly fallen over the past week as the second wave of Covid-19 has intensified, uncertainty around the US election, and diminishing prospects for an agreement on a stimulus package in the US. The major exceptions were China and Japan, where equity markets rose.
  • Markets in a Minute - 13 October 2020
    Most global equity markets made solid gains last week on hopes of a US stimulus deal, and following President Trump’s return to the White House after treatment for Covid-19.
  • Markets in a Minute - 6 October 2020
    Global share markets mostly rose over the last week as hopes increased that Democrats and Republicans will agree a new stimulus deal to keep the US recovery on track. However, some of those gains were lost on Friday as markets fell on the news that President Trump had tested positive for Covid-19.
  • Markets in a Minute - 22 September 2020
    Equity markets were slightly up or flat last week as headwinds from the coronavirus combined with bleak outlooks from central banks as they confirmed that interest rates will stay at near zero for the foreseeable future to help boost growth.
  • Markets in a Minute - 15 September 2020
    Equity markets were mixed last week as markets struggled to gain traction amid a flow of (mostly) worrying news. There was the worsening second wave of Covid-19 in Europe and the announcement of tighter restrictions on socialising in the UK. Then, a potential hitch with the AstraZeneca vaccine, added to increasing worries of a no-deal Brexit. On the financial front, perhaps the most remarkable development was the 3.5% fall in sterling which likely helped the FTSE100 outperform its international peers over the past week.
  • Markets in a Minute - 8 September 2020
    Global markets fell last week as the result of a sell-off in technology stocks, which were arguably ripe for a correction. The Nasdaq had broken through the 12,000 mark earlier in the week, less than a month after it breached 11,000 for the first time, before falling on Thursday and Friday.
  • Markets in a Minute - 2 September 2020
    Global share markets mostly rose over the past week, driven by growing signs of an economic recovery, positive news on coronavirus developments, and the US Federal Reserve’s shift on inflation targeting.
  • Markets in a Minute - 25 August 2020
    Global markets were mixed last week, but it didn’t prevent the S&P500 reaching an all-time high on Tuesday – wiping out its coronavirus-induced losses. It is a swift reversal of fortunes for America’s main stock market, which in March was forced to halt trading to prevent a crash as investors reacted to the outbreak of the global pandemic. Several speedy rallies, driven by the performance of mega-cap technology stocks dubbed the FAANGs, have since catapulted the index to a record level.
  • Markets in a Minute - 18 August 2020
    Global equity markets pushed higher for most of last week on positive economic data, before an ugly session on Friday erased most of the gains. Markets dropped in the UK and Europe as France was added to the quarantine list, which hit travel stocks hard. Prior to that, the Nasdaq hit a new record high, as did the gold price, while the S&P500 briefly surpassed the record high it set back in February before closing slightly lower.
  • Markets in a Minute - 11 August 2020
    Global equity markets largely pushed higher this week on positive economic data. The Nasdaq hit a new record high, as did the gold price, while the S&P500 is now less than 1% below its February peak of 3386. Global purchasing managers’ indices, which are used as a way of measuring how businesses are performing, showed improvements in most regions suggesting we are on the road to recovery.
  • John Bremner
    It is with great sadness that we announce the recent passing of one of our founding directors John Bremner.

    Along with Dave Thomson and Alastair Ballantyne, John established Central Insurance Services in 1973 and was instrumental in building the later renamed Central Investment Services into one of the most successful IFA businesses in Scotland until his retirement in 2008. 
  • What happens to my pension if I am furloughed?
    Millions of employees have been furloughed in the UK this year since the introduction of the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which has been extended until the end of October.
  • Markets in a Minute - 4 August 2020
    Global share markets were mixed last week, with China outperforming the rest of the world as its economic recovery continues. US indices were flat or marginally up thanks to some extraordinary results from the US tech giants, but equities in the UK and Europe have fallen on poor economic data, rising coronavirus cases and a “wall of worry” about the economic outlook later this year.
  • Markets in a Minute - 28 July 2020
    Global share markets struggled to hold on to recent gains over the past week as tensions between the US and China escalated, with tit-for-tat consulate closures in Houston and Chengdu. There were also signs that the rebound in the US economy was waning, with initial jobless claims rising for the first time since March. Increasing coronavirus cases in numerous countries added to worries.
  • Markets in a Minute - 21 July 2020
    Global share markets largely rose over the past week on encouraging reports of progress with some of the coronavirus vaccines currently in development.
  • Should I delay retirement?
    If your pension has been unduly affected by the ebbs and flows of the markets over recent months, you may be considering postponing your retirement. Deferring retirement may give the market time to recover, while enabling you to continue contributing to your pension.
  • Markets in a Minute - 14 July 2020
    Global share markets were mixed over the past week, although China has been a standout performer after investors piled in, encouraged by a state-owned newspaper that effectively declared a “healthy” bull market was on the way in Chinese equities.
  • Central Investment Services Investor Insight - Summer 2020
    Please find attached the latest edition of our ‘Investor Insight’ which provides high-level commentary on the global markets and how these might be affecting your investments. We hope you find this useful.
  • More stimulus please
    In his summer statement, the chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a series of measures designed to create and protect jobs and encourage confidence in a longer-term recovery from the coronavirus crisis. However, many of the harder questions around who will end up footing the bill will have to wait until his autumn budget.
  • Markets in a Minute - 7 July 2020
    Most share markets rose last week although Britain’s FTSE100 was flat, weighed by a poor session last Friday due to fears about the intensifying Covid crisis in the US. The same concerns also led to losses across Europe on Friday.
  • Markets in a Minute - 30 June 2020
    Global equities edged down over the past week, as concerns intensified about Covid-19 spiralling out of control in the US.
  • Home/Away: Team Fundraising Challenge
    Throughout July a team from Central Investment will be taking part in a new fund raising initiative launched by Aberdeen Cyrenians.  Home/Away is a virtual, football-themed travel challenge, which asks people to form teams and travel 555 miles (893km) to the 12 Scottish Premiership stadiums and back home to Pittodrie over the summer.  The challenge can be completed on foot or bike and teams can be as small or large as participants like. 
  • Markets in a Minute - 23 June 2020
    Global shares rebounded last week but have still not made up for the losses incurred in the previous week’s sell off.
  • Markets in a Minute - 16 June 2020
    It has been conspicuous by its absence, but the pull back in equity markets that so many people had been expecting arrived last week. The sell-off hit the UK, Europe and US the hardest, with the worst one-day falls since mid-March occurring on Thursday. 

    By the end of the week, however, markets had recovered the worst of their losses.
  • Aberdeen Cyrenians
    Our aim had been to support Aberdeen Cyrenians by taking part in a number of fund raising events across 2020 but, like so many other plans, COVID-19 has got in the way.  However, charities such as Aberdeen Cyrenians need our help more than ever and we were only too happy to place an order on their Amazon Wish List as they aim to ensure vulnerable people in Aberdeen still have access to vital food, toiletries and social activities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Bon Accord Care
    We recently donated a wooden bench which now has pride of place in the courtyard at Bon Accord Care’s, Clashieknowe facility.  The team at Clashieknowe provide intermediate care to adults aged over 18 years who require a period of assessment and enablement following a hospital admission or a crisis in the community, and remains one of the few services that can support people under 65 years old with complex social care needs.
  • Markets in a Minute - 9 June 2020
    Global shares rallied strongly last week, and economic data showed signs of improvement. Both suggested a trend to recovery.
  • Getting your finances back on track
    Your finances may have seen some volatility during the Covid-19 crisis. From sudden downturns in the markets and interest rate cuts, to falling salaries and job losses. Plenty of factors could have impacted your overall finances and plans for the future.
  • Is now the time to rethink your approach to dividends?
    The best laid dividend plans of companies and investors have been disrupted by the coronavirus. For many investors, this could make a significant difference in the short term. Here we ask whether now might be the right time to rethink the role of dividends in your portfolio.
  • Archway
    Lockdown has been difficult for us all but particularly difficult for the residents and staff of care homes and support centres.  On Saturday 30 May we bought a chippie tea for residents and key workers at Archway’s Westburn Road support centre in the hope it would brighten up their weekend.

    Irene Grassick, Unit Manager At Westburn Road, sent over some photos of the residents tucking in to their dinner which she said was enjoyed by all.
  • Planning ahead for retirement: What should you do now?
    Even if retirement is many years away, a sudden fall in the stock market can be a cause for concern. You may worry whether markets will recover over the coming decade, or an even longer timeframe, and wonder what you should do next. 
  • Markets in a Minute - 2 June 2020
    Share markets had a positive week with most assets rising despite increasing political tensions between the US and China over Beijing’s imposition of security laws in Hong Kong.
  • Approaching retirement: What should you do now?
    If you only have a handful of years to go until retirement, or you are already there, dramatic stock market downturns are a worrying time. 

    You may be concerned about the impact on your pension pot and other investments you will rely on to produce an income, and wonder what you should do next. 
  • Markets in a Minute - 26 May 2020
    Global shares mostly rallied last week on hopes of a vaccine and continued lifting of lockdowns. In the UK, the FTSE100 nudged through the 6,000 mark for the first time in three weeks, before falling back on Friday as tensions between the US and China flared up once again.
  • Is now actually a good time to invest?

    Global stock markets have been suffering amid the coronavirus crisis. Yet while a volatile market makes investors nervous, this could present an opportunity for those who continue to stay focused on their long-term investment goals. Of course, no-one can be certain that there won’t be further falls. Yet history shows that, over the long term, markets will recover.
  • Markets in a Minute - 12 May 2020
    Investors are becoming gradually less fearful as the initial shock of the pandemic and lockdown subsides. Markets have rebounded, focusing on the eventual recovery rather than the continual stream of poor economic data.
  • Central Investment Services Investor Insight - Spring 2020
    Please find attached the latest edition of our ‘Investor Insight’ which provides high-level commentary on the global markets and how these might be affecting your investments. We hope you find this useful.
  • Office Update - 23 March 2020
    At a time like this our number one priority must be the health of our colleagues, our clients, and their families.  With this in mind our team is now almost entirely home based.  Client meetings are now being carried out remotely and we are confident we can maintain a high level of client service despite these challenging times for everyone.
  • Pedal to the Medal
    Getting to the top of your chosen sport takes grit, commitment and a determination to succeed.  But at the end of the day, success or failure also comes down to securing crucial financial support. For talented track cyclist Georgia Mansfield, sponsorship from Central Investment Services has enabled her to hone her skills and compete on the national and international cycling stage.
  • Experts Make Financial Planning Child’s Play
    “We have seen a really positive reaction from the pupils so far and they are really engaging with the sessions. I think the board game gives financial planning a softer edge and makes it more relevant – especially with the younger hypothetical clients they are given.
  • We Know the Importance of Investing in Our Community
    We recently moved office from our longstanding residence at Albert Street to new premises on Albyn Place. As a result, we donated four lorries worth of office furniture to Aberdeen’s leading crisis charity, Somebody Cares.
  • We have moved!
    After over 40 years in Albert Street, we have moved to our new office at 33 Albyn Place. We look forward to seeing you in our new premises soon.
  • Central Investment Appoints Operations & Human Resources Manager
    Central Investment, one of Scotland's leading firms of independent financial advisers, has further strengthened its team with the appointment of Doreen Baley. 
  • Scotland’s Top Junior Female Cyclist Benefits from Central Investment Sponsorship

    We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of Georgia Mansfield, Scotland’s fastest junior female cyclist. 
  • Central Investment adds to Advisory Team
    Mr Baber joins Central Investment as a Chartered Financial Planner with more than 15 years' experience, having previously held senior positions with a number of leading financial firms.
  • Central Investment Announces Double Appointment
    Central Investment, one of Scotland's leading firms of Independent Financial Advisers, has added two new senior appointments to its team.
  • Fundraising Team raises £2,500 for Local Charity
    Local Charity Home-Start Aberdeen has received £2,500 from Central Investment after a team of five employees took part in the Baker Hughes 10k.
  • Aberdeen Firm Supports Local Swimming Club
    With Central Investment's contribution, members of Aberdeen Amateur Swimming Club (ASC) have headed off to train in Tenerife, Spain, participating in a valuable winter training opportunity.

Independent Advice
Personal and corporate life is full of sometimes challenging, daunting and critical financial decisions, without expert guidance it can be easy to make bad choices. With so many financial products on the market, the role of a good Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is to identify, agree and implement the best solutions for an individual or company’s needs.

The ‘Independent’ in IFA is fundamental and means the IFA must be independent of any product or provider, therefore committed to offering impartial advice.

Central Investment is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide peace of mind to our clients.

The guidance and/or advice contained within the website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore primarily targeted at customers in the UK.
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